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To make a payment, please select your property and use your assigned username and password and follow instructions for payment.
To make a payment specifically for a Closing Certificate/6D or Questionnaires, please select GS Condo Trust and use GSM as both the username and password and follow instructions for payment.  Once payment is submitted, please email and advise that payment has been made and your request will then be put in queue for processing. 
Note: Requests take 5 to 7 business days to process. Rush requests can be made for an additional payment of the original fee. 
Note: As of May 2, 2023 the fee for each questionnaire, 6D Certificate/Closing Certificate is $150.
Addendums are processed as separate questionnaires. 
Note: Paypal charges a processing fee and this is reflected within your total fees, where applicable. 
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